Caplin expands multi-asset trading platform with cryptocurrencies

Caplin supports trading in FX, equities, futures, fixed income, precious metals and now cryptocurrencies.

Electronic trading technology provider Caplin has introduced cryptocurrencies to its multi-asset trading platform.

Around 35 crypto-assets have been added to Caplin’s platform in response to growing demand from institutional clients for professional crypto trading. Alongside cryptocurrencies, Caplin also supports trading in FX, equities, futures, fixed income and precious metals.

Caplin’s multi-asset trading platform includes features such as volume ladders, watchlists, and request for quote or request for stream, alongside mobile multi-factor authentication and real-time charts and notifications.

“Institutional crypto trading is a new and constantly evolving market, with market leaders focused on providing cutting-edge and user-friendly platforms. However, clients are also anxious about the way the market will develop, and have asked for a platform that mimics elements of FX trading whilst capturing ‘crypto-specific’ features,” said John Ashworth, CEO of Caplin.

Ashworth also highlighted the firm’s adaptability, having introduced trading in cryptocurrencies within the space of “only 90 days”. The technology used on the Caplin platform also provides institutional clients with flexibility to add new assets to the system, which Ashworth added is a key demand from clients in product development.

Caplin caters for a number of major banks and institutions such as UniCredit, FTSE Russell, JYSKE Bank, Danske Bank, Nomura.